Brave people deserve the best rewards. For example, in the Etter network the owners of a Masternode earn most, because in addition to a passive income from the PoS algorithm, they get their wallet replenished with regular rewards for supporting the system. Due to active operation of the Masternodes, the infrastructure is duly supported, so all users can enjoy instant and anonymous transactions. To become a Masternode owner, you need to freeze Etter coins in your account.

  • Etter Name
  • ETTER Symbol
  • X11 Algorithm
  • 1 minute Block Time

  • 4 hours Staking age
  • 125 blocks Maturity
  1. 1 - 58001
  2. >7800116
  1. 5801 - 1800024
  1. 18001 - 7800032
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Etter is traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges.

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